We'll have a good time, when we're dead

The stain that was located in the far right corner of the room next door

It had been 4 days, 6 hours and 34 minutes since I shot her in the head, in her room that Sunday night. I had used everything to remove that blood stain in the corner, that same corner where she begged for her life, but in her defense, that was not the first thing she did, first she opened wide her eyes, then laughed, the loudest laugh I had ever heard from her in all her fucking life, she couldn’t believe it, it was a joke to her, a very elaborate joke of course, I had gone thru the trouble of getting a “fake” gun, a well made one at that, all to scare her. Then reality struck, I could see her in her eyes, she wasn’t laughing anymore and the “fake” gun wasn’t fake at all, my eyes, my posture, my silence, ended instantly and finally her laughs. Then came the tears, the begging, the promises, almost every time promises come last.

After that, came wrath, she coursed me, my unborn children, my mother and father, brothers and sisters, lovers, friends, all she missed was coursing my small goldfish that lives in a fishbowl in the living room. Then fire and noise, a burst and a spray of blood, brains and bones came shooting out of the back of her head, all of this striking the right corner of the room next door, the room where she lived.

Then silence, nothing else, just silence, this lasted for the next hour, in which I looked at her, silent, submissive in death, dead eyes, body sprawled across the floor and dripping blood from her skull. I had an erection, strong and hard, like no other time in my life, I was hard all night.

I left the “fake” gun in my night table, where I usually store all my fake guns. I slept for 15 hours, wet dreams that became into flower covered fields with a wind rising from the north, with clouds that moved as if they were trying to escape from me, I slept like never before, I awoke as always, with my eyes locked in the task I had to do, what I had to take care of.

The body and the blood stain, brains and bones crusted in the far right corner of the room next door.

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